3 Common Problems Your Dental Bridges May Be Causing

3 Common Problems Your Dental Bridges May Be Causing

Aug 01, 2019

Dental bridges in Markham, ON, are one of the ideal options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. As the name suggests, they bridge the gap created by the missing teeth. It places two crowns on the adjacent teeth, which help in holding the false tooth in place. Unlike other procedures such as dental implants, they don’t last for a lifetime. Most of the patients experience complications at some point in time. Let’s explore some common issues faced by people wearing dental bridges.

  • The Bridge Falls Off

One of the commonly reported issue by patients, is that the dental appliance needs to fit properly over your teeth otherwise there are chances of it falling off. The reason for this can be a poorly designed dental appliance. If it’s not designed the way it should be in a dental lab as per your specific situation, it is likely to fall off. If the dentist doesn’t notice the defect or fails to fit it properly, the appliance can pop off.

  • The Bridge Looks Or Feels Unnatural

The reason why people choose to get bridges is because they wish to boost their confidence, which goes for a toss when they miss one or more tooth. If the dental appliance doesn’t look natural, you will still feel insecure about your appearance and smile. A common issue faced by patients is that the bridges look discolored and don’t match with the color of the teeth. Thus, it gives an unnatural look. Even if they are not lined up correctly with the remaining teeth, they would look unappealing.

  • Tooth Decay

It’s important to maintain optimum oral hygiene, but it becomes all the more important when you are wearing dental appliances. Cavities can develop beneath the crowns and they can easily remain unnoticed there. When the teeth decays under your crown, the dental appliance fails to remain secured tightly at its place and it can fall off. A special tool would be required for cleaning, so that it can last longer by removing the infection and decay.

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