5 Ways You Damage Your Dental Crowns

5 Ways You Damage Your Dental Crowns

Mar 14, 2019

Getting a dental crown is a big step. After getting one, you would want that it does not get damaged in any way. It should work for a long period of time and also, you wouldn’t want to replace the crowns either. 14th Avenue Dentistry has thus identified five ways you damage your dental crowns, unknowingly-

You Have a Misaligned Bite

Your teeth alignment is not right and this means you are in a big trouble. Your crown can be damaged at any point of time. One of the best ideas here is to inform your dentist about this and get it checked. They will let you know if there is another treatment required for the same or not.

You Chew on Hard Objects

Teeth have a lot of potential to handle the pressure but that does not mean you keep trying to use them on hard things such as crushing ice cubes, chewing pens or pencils, cutting nails and so on. These can break the crown very easily. Better change the habit and if need be, ask your dentist for some suggestions. They have dealt with such situations before and would be able to give you some advice for the same.

You Grind Your Teeth

People who suffer from the problems like anxiety, stress, insomnia and so on, have been noticed to grind their teeth a lot. This is one of the worst habits because it can cause a lot of problems like headaches, pain in your jawline, etc. This also damages your crown quite evidently and then you would need to replace the crown, as mentioned before.

You Don’t Practice Good Oral Hygiene

After getting the dental crown treatment, people again continue with their bad habits and don’t clean their teeth as suggested by their dentist. This again leads to problems like cavity and so on. This can affect your crown too and you might need to have to undergo the same procedure of getting a crown because of the same or a new problem.

You Participate in Sports Without Protection

Maybe nothing gives you more satisfaction than playing a physical sport of your choice but, if you are playing without the mouth guard then it means that not only you are risking your dental crown but also creating the possibility of knocking your teeth out.

After you get the crown, it becomes very important to keep the above points in mind because these are the basic rules which people fail to follow. This leads to creating damages in the crown and thus, you would be spending your time and money once again for the same procedure.

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