About 14th Ave Dentistry

The second you walk through our doors, you’ll be able to feel the difference between us and the rest. Our caring nature is evident in how we speak, treat and do dental work on our patients. This passion for dental care and hygiene comes from over 20 years of combined experience within our office. Our practice is composed of a carefully curated set of individuals that want to see you and our family happy and healthy.

We pride ourselves on patient-friendly care and will do everything we can to even keep the most nervous patient at ease. One way we strive to achieve this is by our modern office. We care about how you perceive us and our work, and we tirelessly strive to set you up with an amazing atmosphere that resonates with you and your family. Another way we achieve this is by using advanced technology and techniques. A few of the technologies we are proud to use and offer in our office include:

  • CEREC - For the fastest, most comfortable, and greatly accurate prosthesis maker, we use CEREC (short for ceramic restoration) to make you the best veneers, crowns, or even partial crowns in as little as one hour.
  • Digital Impressions - For those that aren’t too keen on using sticky material to construct impressions of your teeth, we use digital impressions to expedite the process and make it easier for you.
  • Digital X-Rays - Instead of using traditional photographic film for your x-rays, all of our imaging is done and stored digitally.

At 14th Avenue Dentistry in Markham, Ontario, our whole staff is eager to meet you and your family. We hope that the love we have for our jobs rubs off on you and your family, making you all love coming here.

About 14th Ave Dentistry
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