Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

Jun 01, 2022
Do you look in the mirror each morning and are disappointed with your smile? You are probably wondering how people would react when they see the dental flaws that mar your smile. We understand your plight, but there is no need to let your spirit be downcast; life has more to offer. Have you ever considered visiting our dentist who offers dental veneers in Markham, ON? Dental veneers will help restore your smile by removing all sorts of embarrassing flaws. We were born to smile, and research shows that a smile can reduce blood pressure, boost your immune system, and makes it easier for you to approach the world. But since dental veneers in Markham, ON, is an amazing treatment, you must be contemplating if this is the right move or if they are permanent. Wonder no more! We will unpack the vital things that you need to know about veneers.

About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers and teeth whitening go toe to toe for the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedure. They are highly favored amongst many patients because they are easy to fix, solve a myriad of issues, and can last for a while before replacing them. Veneers resemble the color and shape of your teeth. They are also ultra-thin shells that fit perfectly over the surface of your front teeth. Once the veneers are firmly fixed to your teeth, your smile will never be the same again. Even though they are placed over flawed teeth, they are less invasive than dental crowns. Before veneers are placed, our dentist has to carve out a small amount of the enamel. If a dental veneer is placed before curving some of the enamel, it will be bulky and uncomfortable. Therefore, removing some of the enamel is necessary to ensure that the procedure is successful. But always remember, going for a dental veneer is always a one-way street; there’s no turning back. If you are ready to get veneers, you might encounter one of the following types:
  • Composite veneers. These veneers also go by direct veneers since our dentist can fix them within the same visit. Composite resin is used to create this veneer. They are thinner than porcelain veneers, meaning that our dentist will remove less of your enamel.
  • Porcelain veneers. These veneers are also known as indirect veneers since our dentist will fix them in two visits. They are highly customized to ensure that they inconspicuously match your teeth. They are a bit thicker than their counterpart, so you can expect more of the enamel to be curved out. But, they are sturdier and have superior aesthetics to composite veneers.

Are You the Perfect Candidate?

Almost anyone can benefit from using veneers. Nevertheless, the perfect candidate will be seeking to:
  • Repair worn-down teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Reshape unevenly sized or shaped teeth
  • Cover chips and cracks
  • Enhance the color of severely discolored teeth
  • Cover crooked teeth

How Are Veneers Fixed?

First, you will need to chat with our dentist to explain what your desires are and what you expect. Our dentist will proceed and check your teeth to see if you’re eligible for the treatment. If you are fit to get veneers, then the procedure will proceed as follows:
  • Local anesthesia is never required for the procedure. But if you have sensitive teeth, then our dentist will have to administer anesthesia to ensure that you are not in pain during the procedure
  • Next, our dentist will clean your teeth and then use a shade guide to determine your teeth’s correct shade
  • Our dentist will proceed to carve off some of your enamel to create room for the veneers
  • Then, tooth impressions will be taken to create the appropriate veneer
  • Our dentist will etch and clean the permanent veneers
  • Afterward, your teeth will be roughened to improve the adhesion of the veneers. Then, our dentist will apply special cement to the veneer and proceed to attach the veneer to the tooth
  • The cement will cure under a special light, and after it dries, the excess cement will be removed
  • Our dentist will polish it to give it a natural sheen

Are Veneers Permanent?

Yes and no. Part of the enamel is removed to accommodate the veneer. Once this is done, there is no turning back since enamel cannot grow back. So, when you choose to go down this road, just know that you cannot turn back. Therefore, they are permanent when you view them from the procedural perspective. On the other hand, veneers cannot last a lifetime. They are designed to serve you for several years and will need to be replaced. Porcelain or composite resin is not as sturdy as your teeth. So, from this perspective, veneers are not permanent since they can only last for so long. Even with exceptional care, veneers can last up to 20 years but not more than that. In any case, they will serve you for a long time, which counts. So contact us at 14th Avenue Dentistry to schedule an appointment.
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