CEREC: Future Dental Crowns near You

CEREC: Future Dental Crowns near You

Mar 01, 2023
If you have damaged teeth, you will receive a recommendation from your dentist to address the situation by getting a dental crown. Crowns are tiny tooth-shaped dental caps that cover the tooth entirely. Crowns can also encase a discolored or misshapen tooth. Dental crowns help restore a broken or worn tooth besides one damaged by decay or injuries. They can also hold a dental bridge or cover a dental implant. When selecting the type of crown you want, you have several options because different materials like metal, resin, porcelain, ceramic, and a combination of porcelain and metals help make dental crowns. Recently a popular choice among people looking to restore teeth is a CEREC crown made from durable ceramic designed and installed using CAD/CAM technology. CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) crowns are available as part of a same-day procedure, ensuring you will get the dental crown in one appointment from your dentist.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

If you want to understand why you must choose same-day CEREC dental crowns in Markham, ON, consider these advantages:

Same-Day Procedure

Instead of waiting for three weeks for your traditional crown after undergoing tooth preparation, you can walk in with your damaged tooth to the dentist’s office and step out in a couple of hours with the new restoration over your tooth the same day. When providing you with same-day crowns, the dentist uses CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM to take digital images of your teeth and jaw to customize your crown and create it for installation right there in the dentist’s office.


Your friends and family members will never realize that you have teeth crowns over your natural damaged teeth. As CEREC crowns do not have a metal base, they tend to appear like and resemble your natural teeth. In addition, research reveals that the aesthetic appearance of the CEREC crown benefits by not having a dark core interrupting light reflection.


You can have a reliable restoration with dental crowns fabricated using the CEREC system. In addition, the crowns are sturdy and resist abrasion, making them likely to last longer. It’s excellent news because you would want to avoid returning to the dentist’s office to get your new dental restoration fixed or repaired.

Downsides of CEREC Crowns

While there are many advantages to selecting CEREC crowns, some downsides exist. The biggest drawback of CEREC crowns is their cost and availability. Many dental offices do not offer CEREC crowns because dentists have yet to receive extensive training in using the technology. In addition, the cost of CEREC crowns is slightly higher than other varieties.

The Procedure to Get CEREC Crowns

Unlike the traditional crown procedure, getting CEREC crowns is comfortable and does not require multiple visits to the dentist’s office besides waiting for three weeks enduring temporary crowns while a dental lab fabricates your customized crown. Instead opening your mouth for the camera, the dentist takes digital pictures of the tooth needing the crown. They create a tooth model using CAD/CAM technology to create a digital model of the tooth. The model is transferred to a machine that creates and mills a 3D tooth from ceramic, taking merely 15 minutes. Finally, the crown is ready for fitting in your mouth and polishing. However, you must endure the tooth preparation procedure that requires identifying and opening a cavity or damage to the tooth by trimming it to create a base for the CEREC crown. Placement of the crown happens soon after the dentist completes the fabrication when you are invited back to the dentist’s chair for the fitting and polishing. It indicates you can look around window shopping while you wait in the reception at the dentist’s office and return to work or home with your new dental crown placed over your damaged tooth. CEREC crowns are an excellent option if you don’t want to wait for three weeks with temporary crowns in your mouth but desire a durable and natural-looking crown that remains indistinguishable in your mouth. Discuss your options with the dentist to determine whether they have this solution available with them and whether it fits into your budget. CEREC crowns are promoted as the future of dental crowns because of the speed of delivery and the savings you accumulate by reducing dental visits or caring for temporary crowns and will likely relegate traditional crowns into the background when all dentists invest in the technology. If you must restore a damaged tooth, 14th Avenue Dentistry provides ceramic CEREC crowns fabricated in the dental office in a couple of hours on the same day. Consult them to restore your tooth and complete the dental crown procedure in the afternoon at the dentist’s office.
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