Dental Bridges: What Are They?

Dental Bridges: What Are They?

Aug 01, 2020

Dental bridges are custom-made replacements for missing teeth or tooth to fill the spaces from where the teeth are missing. The bridge, while closing the gap in your mouth, restores your bite and helps to maintain the natural shape of your face.

In this brochure, we are reviewing the steps involved in making your customized dental bridge. Dental bridges in Markham, ON, recommends the type of bridge best suited for you based on your specific requirements.

Facial collapse is a common occurrence when you lose your teeth and do not replace them, according to the American Dental Association. Your lips appear thinner and flattened as your chin moves forward and seems to be pointed. Moreover, the mouth loses its shape as your lip line straightens. Cracks and sores may begin to form at the corners of your mouth, and your face starts to sag. If the missing teeth or tooth are not replaced, your remaining teeth can shift out of position to change your bite.

How Can Dental Bridges Help You?

Missing tooth or teeth are a concerning matter because teeth are designed to work together. Your teeth in the upper or lower jaw may shift up and down into the space left by the missing teeth. The movement can affect your bite as it places additional stress on the jaw joints resulting in pain and damage.

Teeth that are improperly aligned are challenging to clean, putting them at a higher risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. The jaw bone begins to shrink when you have a missing tooth, which can also result in changes in the way your jawbone supports your cheeks and lips. The consequences of the missing tooth can make you look older with time. Dental bridges are artificial teeth that are bonded to your natural teeth existing on both sides of the gap in your mouth.

How Can You Get Fixed Bridge Street?

You can have fixed Bridge teeth when your dentist uses your existing natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth to help hold your bridge in place. This procedure consists of a false tooth held in place by dental crowns that are cemented to the abutment teeth. It is also known as a traditional bridge and is the most popular offered when you have natural teeth neighboring the gap created by the missing tooth.

If you do not have neighboring teeth on both sides of the gap, the dentist offers you a cantilever bridge that consists of an artificial tooth held in place by a dental crown cemented to just one abutment tooth.

Maryland Bridges may also be offered if you have a tooth on both sides of the gap caused by the missing teeth. However, this variety is held by a framework of metal or porcelain that is cemented to the back of the abutment teeth.

The dentist in Markham, ON, may recommend implant-supported Bridges using dental implants, unlike crowns or frameworks. One implant is surgically placed for every missing tooth as they are capable of holding the bridge in position. If you cannot have one implant for every missing tooth, a Pontic can be suspended between two implant-supported crowns. Implant-supported bridges are the most stable and durable system and require a couple of surgeries.

The Procedure for Closing the Gaps between Your Teeth

Having a bridge placed requires more than one visit to the dentist’s office. During your first appointment, the dentist prepares the teeth on both sides of the gap to attach a bridge on them. Impressions or images of your teeth and the space are taken by the dentist for the dental laboratory to create the dental bridge for you.

The dentist places a temporary bridge on the prepared teeth to protect them while you wait for the permanent bridge to be delivered.

After the dental laboratory delivers the permanent bridge, you must return for the dentist to fit, adjust, and bond the bridge to your prepared teeth. This type of bridge is a permanent restoration and cannot be removed from your mouth unless you make another visit to the dentist’s office.

Dental bridges are restorations that can bridge the gap left by missing teeth in your mouth and are essential to maintain your oral health and facial appearance appropriately.

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