Family Dentistry: Here Is Something You Need to know!

Family Dentistry: Here Is Something You Need to know!

Jan 01, 2022
Family dentistry addresses your oral health care needs and your kids at all stages of life. Most family dentists had the training to work with kids, though they are not pediatric dentists. They ensure that children have a positive experience when they schedule an appointment and ensure their oral hygiene needs are met well.

Advantages of Family Dental Care

Family dental providers provide state-of-the-art services for your entire family under one roof. You can see the dentist at any time and get assured of the premium quality services no matter the situation. The family dental professional will not just maintain but enhance your overall oral health. Moreover, you can schedule appointments for multiple family members simultaneously. It means less wait time for dental appointments. Family dentists are aware of your family dental history. If you had surgeries, dental disorders, sensitivities, or allergies in the past, they will have a record. So, depending on that data, they know which treatments are suitable for which member. They diagnose the symptoms correctly and aim to build a long-lasting bond with their clients. Most family dental groups use advanced technology at their dental offices like imaging software, intraoral cameras, X-ray machines, etc. These new technologies are less invasive and help kids to cope with dental anxiety well. Family dentists specialize in different dental fields for individuals of every age group. They understand that needs of children are different from that of an adult. teach kids important preventative practices so that they have healthy teeth 24*7. A family dental expert also advises on dental emergencies. With regular dental check-ups, you and your family can prevent gum diseases, cavities, and other severe problems that may build up in the long run.

Family Dentistry Services

Common family dentistry services include:

1. Mouth Exams and Cleanings

Family dentists offer regular exams and teeth cleaning. They help them monitor the condition of your mouth and the oral hygiene of your kid. The exams usually involve X-rays, physical assessment, blood tests (mainly when you are at a high risk of getting gum infections). After, in-depth mouth examination, dental experts provide teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth surfaces and gum lining.

2. Gum Disease Treatment

Plenty of health issues leads to long-lasting damage. One of the troublesome problems is gum disease. After evaluation of the extent of the disorder, a family dental professional will create a solid treatment plan or refer the patients to a skilled specialist.

3. Fluoride Treatment and Dental Sealants

Famil dental professionals give professional fluoride treatment and dental sealants to cavity-prone kids. Fluoride treatments are in the form of a gel, foam, varnish, or concentrated rinse. On the other hand, dental sealants are the thin plastic coating applied to the chewing surface of teeth. They work 24*7 to protect the teeth enamel by preventing food and plaque build-up in hard-to-reach areas in back molars.

5. Orthodontics

If the patient has improperly aligned jaws and teeth, most family dental experts also provide orthodontic treatments.

6. Guidance on Oral Care

Family dentists also offer guidance to patients on keeping up with excellent oral care hygiene. For example, the experts suggest:
  • Brushing teeth every day
  • Avoiding tobacco products and smoking
  • Wearing a protective mouthguard to prevent injuries to the mouth, etc.

How to Find the Best Family Dental Expert?

While looking for a family dentist, here are some factors you need to look:
  • Is a family dental expert near your home?
  • Are you able to schedule a dental appointment? Do they send reminders?
  • Is the dental team expert caring and professional with the parents?
  • What payment methods are available?
  • What are the education and credentials of the family dentist?
  • What kind of services does he/she provide?
  • Does the dentist accept insurance?
  • What is the culture and atmosphere of their dental office?
  • Does the expert use advanced dental technologies and procedures?

Explore Family Dentistry in Markham, ON Today

To maintain the good oral health of you and your kids, it’s important to have regular visitors to family dental professionals. 14th Avenue Dentistry pride itself in providing the best dental care to the whole family. Experienced family dentists prevent dental issues by finding them at the early stages. It helps you avoid further complications to your health.
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