Here’s How Dental Veneers Can Upgrade Your Look

Here’s How Dental Veneers Can Upgrade Your Look

Aug 01, 2021
If you have chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth, a dental veneer a possible solution that a dentist will recommend as treatment for your teeth. People who have misshaped teeth are sometimes shy to smile in public because they are not proud of the way their teeth are. Dental veneers can help such people to get the kind of look that they desire and give them a beautiful smile that they can show off when they are in the public.

What are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer or veneer teeth are tiny covers that are placed in front of a tooth to give it a good shape and look. If you have a chipped tooth, the dental veneer will be used to cover the tooth such it will be hard for anyone to notice. This is because veneers look exactly like natural teeth and when they are placed on your teeth, they are shaped to look just how you want them to look. Types of Veneers If you visit a dentist in Markham, ON to get a dental veneer, there are two different types of veneer that you can choose from. Veneers are classified based on what they are made from and the different types of dental veneers available in Markham, ON are composite veneers and porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers or Lumineer dental veneers are made from shells and are shaped to fit the tooth which they are used to cover. They are usually very strong and can last long. These veneers do not easily get stained and they look just like natural teeth. When fixing these veneers, the dentist does not need to scrap as much enamel as they would when they are fixing a dental crown. To fix lumineer veneers, the dentist first removes some enamel from the front part of the teeth. A dentist in Markham, ON will also remove enamel from the sides of the teeth giving enough space for the veneer to be fixed unnoticed. After removing the enamel, the dentist will find a veneer that the color matches the color of the teeth that are being treated. When the dentist finds the color, an impression of this tooth is made and sent to a dental lab. When the lab gets the impression, a veneer is custom-made and shaped to fit into your tooth. Creating a custom veneer might take a while so dentists can give you a temporary veneer to use until the veneer from the lab is sent. When the veneer is brought back, the dentist checks to make sure that it fits your tooth perfectly. After this, the dentist will attach the veneer to the tooth using dental adhesive.

Composite Veneer

A composite veneer like the name suggests is made from composite materials that with the color of the tooth and like every other veneer is glued to the front of the tooth. This type of veneer is cost less than the ones made from porcelain and they can be fixed in just one visit to the dentist’s office. They require the removal of less enamel when compared to porcelain or crowns. These veneers are not as strong as porcelain but they are easy to fix when they get spoiled. This type of veneer can be prepared in the office of a dentist so you do not need to send an impression of your teeth to a lab. When the veneer is ready, the dentist uses a special light to make the composite hard and glued to your tooth. After this, the veneer is polished to look just like the rest of your tooth. Irrespective of the type of veneer that you want to get, your dentist will make sure that you are not dealing with any tooth condition before a veneer is placed. If you are, the issue has to be resolved because veneers are for healthy teeth. If you are fond of chewing or grinding your teeth, then a dental veneer might not be good for you because you might break or chip the tiny layer of the veneer. If your veneer gets broken, visit your dentist to get another one. Remember that you cannot grow your enamel so be sure that you want to get a veneer before your dentist begins to scrap your enamel. You can brush or floss your teeth after fixing a veneer. Take good care of your teeth as you can have a cavity behind a veneer if you do not take good care of it. Avoid chewing hard substances so that you do not break your veneer. If you feel comfortable after fixing a veneer, make a complaint to your dentist and have it resolved.
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