How Can Family Dentistry and Home Care Help Preserve Your Oral Health?

How Can Family Dentistry and Home Care Help Preserve Your Oral Health?

Feb 01, 2023
Keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy is vital for each parent. As you know, your dental health is an essential part of your overall general health and high quality of life. To maintain good oral health, cleanliness is a must. Aside from chewing food, the teeth play a critical role in talking clearly. Let us find out how family dental services and at-home care can help you maintain optimal dental health.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on enhancing the oral health of every single member of your loved one. Family dentists are almost similar to general dentists. But generally, they have more experience working with children since children have different dental needs than adults. Our family dentists can deal with the unique requirements of people from infancy, childhood, and teen years through adulthood.

Know about Dental Homecare

Dental homecare refers to the methods that involve caring for teeth while at home to achieve good oral hygiene. Taking care of your teeth at home typically takes day-to-day work. You can’t just go to your routine cleanings every six months and hope to have good oral hygiene. It means going to the dentist is very vital. But dealing with your teeth at home is even more essential.

Dental Care for Your Entire Family

Everybody wants to keep a pleasant smile as long as possible. Adults, kids, and teenagers have differing dental requirements. The best thing about family dentistry in Markham, ON is that it deals with oral health during each phase of life rather than focusing on a single age group. The following are a few tips from the family dentist that will help you to develop a useful at-home oral health care routine:

Eat a Healthy Diet

Putting the right food into your body is critical because what you consume affects dental health. Stick to calcium-rich food varieties like yogurt, cheese, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, and so on. Also, phosphorous is essential to the body. Fish, meat, nuts, and so on can be great for strengthening teeth. Avoid sweet food and drink alcohol since sugars are consumed by oral bacteria and afterward release acids that attack our teeth. It results in tooth rot and cavities. Instead, choose apples, watermelon, nuts, and milk. Furthermore, do not use any tobacco items. If you smoke, quit.

Drink More Water

Tobacco items, alcohol, caffeine, and certain over-the-counter doctor-prescribed medications contribute to mouth dryness. So, drinking water is significant because it keeps you hydrated and gives other health benefits to your body. Drinking water after dinner will help clean out the teeth.

Brush and Floss Daily

Brushing and flossing every day are essential in keeping the mouth clean. Make sure you brush your teeth completely twice per day and floss daily between the teeth to eliminate dental plaque and ensure there are no food particles left between your teeth. Everybody in the family should have such a routine. You can make brushing and floss into quality family time by doing together after dinner.

Add a Mouthwash to Your Routine

Mouthwash, when used daily and for the advised amount of time imprinted on the bottle can incredibly diminish plaque and gum disease. A mouthwash with alcohol could cause lead to irritation in the mouth. However, you can continuously switch to the one without the alcohol content.

Use Products with Fluoride

Fluoride successfully plays a pivotal role in preventing cavities and repairing tooth enamel. It is essential to know that fluoride is not a man-made chemical but a natural substance in the soil. When this naturally occurring component is used properly, it is protected. The dentist advises parents to use a smear of toothpaste on a toothbrush for babies and kids younger than three and a pea-sized paste for youngsters aged three to six.

Visit Your Dentist on a Routine Basis

Make family dentistry appointments an interesting family activity. Visit your dentist at least one time each year, even if you have no natural teeth or have false teeth.

Call Us for High-Quality Family Dental Services

Taking proper oral health care is as important as the rest of your body. Family dentists give fundamental family dental care to the whole household and focus on maintaining good oral health for every person. Contact 14th Avenue Dentistry with your inquiries regarding how to protect oral health at home!
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