Invisalign® and Clear Aligners – How Can They Help You!

Invisalign® and Clear Aligners – How Can They Help You!

Aug 01, 2020

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with your oral health. Teeth are one of the essential organs of the body. Apart from chewing the food and helping in digestion, teeth are crucial to providing aesthetic value too.

A bright tooth can boost your confidence, while bad breath or odor can be enough to dent your self-esteem. The teeth help you to talk correctly and distinctly. The dentist can heal your dental ailments and guide you to maintain a disease-free healthy mouth. The mouth can often portray your overall health, and it is necessary to visit the dentist at regular intervals.

You can visit a dental clinic for regular dental checkups or get your dentures and dental bridges at your convenience. Dental emergencies need immediate attention from the dentist. It is essential to understand and differentiate between a dental emergency and a typical dental issue.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, often known as clear aligners or Invisalign® clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are forms of the transparent and plastic form of dental braces used to align teeth. Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of your jaws and teeth to improve your looks and smile.

Dentists in Markham, OM, can diagnose and prevent the irregularities in the alignment of your teeth with the use of braces. Braces for adults can be used to correct the irregular bites and to straighten the teeth. Even braces close the dental gaps and bring your teeth and lips in proper alignment. Unaligned teeth do not fit properly and cannot be adequately cleaned. With tartar being accumulated, teeth lose their natural shine.

Benefits of Invisalign

Although braces for adult and Invisalign braces work to align your teeth and jaws and reduce the dental gaps, Invisalign has its own set of advantages.

#1: More Attractive

Also known as invisible aligner, the Invisalign perform the braces for adult, yet make you look attractive. The Invisalign being clear, your mouth does not seem a mess of metals. The increase your aesthetic value, and most people would not even know you are wearing them.

With Invisalign, you can smile freely without being self-conscious to hide your metal braces.

#2: Comfort

Since there are no braces or metallic wires, the Invisalign is easy to wear and comfortable too. You would be saved from the painful and annoying nicks in your mouth. A cut-free mouth without irritation is what you get with these invisible aligners.

#3: Convenience

Invisalign is worn to straighten your otherwise crooked jaw-line, gums and to reduce the dental gaps. You can get all the functions of a brace for adult, yet look good and avoid all the agony of wearing the metal brace. Invisalign can be opened and cleaned, thus making it more convenient to use.

#4: Maintenance

The invisible aligners require minimum maintenance. With prolonged use, the Invisalign can get dingy, but brushing with a toothbrush dipped in a minimal amount of bleach and water can remove the stain.

#5: Easy to Remove

Unlike the metal braces, you can easily remove the Invisalign. While you eat, or brush, or floss your teeth, you can remove the Invisalign. You can go through the process of straightening your teeth and maintain good oral health at the same time.

You would not have to bother about food particles being stuck in your teeth as it happens if you had used braces for adults.

The Procedure

Invisalign is custom-made invisible aligners, made from clear plastic. The primary use of Invisalign is to shift your teeth in a proper position. The dentist would measure your jaws and tooth and set the Invisalign once received from the laboratory. Over time, your tongue, lips, and cheek would get accustomed to the Invisalign.

Budget and Clinic

With better aesthetic values and ease of usage, Invisalign is costlier than the traditional braces. Every smile is unique, and you need the right dental clinic to keep your smile intact. 14th Avenue Dentistry can be the clinic that you are looking for.

With over twenty years of combined experience, you can be assured of the best dental treatment here. With complimentary teeth whitening and tie-up with all leading insurance firms, you can be relieved of the budget.

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