Isn’t a Dental Exam and Cleaning a Waste of Time?

Isn’t a Dental Exam and Cleaning a Waste of Time?

Jul 13, 2021
If you think a dental exam and cleaning are a waste of time, you may not consider your dental health highly. You probably believe the dentist near you recommends six-monthly exams and cleanings to generate revenue and not to provide you any benefits. We are confident we will convince you to change your thinking and believe that a dental exam and cleaning are essential parts of oral care. Are you even aware of what is involved in a dental exam and cleaning? We suggest you read this blog to understand why the Markham dentist recommends this procedure and how you benefit from the same by visiting them once every six months. Do not assume that dentists recommend exams and cleanings to generate revenue because this is a minor procedure in dentistry. Dentists are busy professionals with hectic schedules and often do not have the time to consider minor issues. However, as part of their responsibility to care for your oral health, they recommend this procedure as a preventive measure.

What Happens When You Schedule a Dental Exam?

When you schedule a dental exam, a teeth cleaning is often associated with the procedure. When you arrive at 14th Avenue dentistry for the examination, the dentist initially examines your teeth for cavities or the need for restorations, your gums looking for signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Cavities or periodontal disease are both painless conditions developing in your mouth without providing any signs. Allow the situation to progress, and you have a lifelong partner in your mouth demanding constant attention and expenditure for restorations and intensive treatments. Besides checking your teeth and gums, the dentist also evaluates your tongue, back of the throat, and cheeks looking for signs of abnormal lesions that may indicate the presence of oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings and dentists may not seem ideal to you but if the dentist detects any indications of oral cancer, getting them treated in the earliest stages delivers the best outcomes. In addition, dentists provide oral cancer screenings as a voluntary service without charging you any extra fees for the evaluation.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

After you are through with the examination, the dental hygienist starts the teeth cleaning procedure. Using tiny mirrors to guide them, the hygienist views around your teeth, looking for signs of plaque and tartar buildup. If you have tartar on your teeth, you must undergo teeth scaling to have it removed. That you have tartar on your teeth is evidence that you are not maintaining oral hygiene appropriately and are vulnerable to issues like gum disease. It confirms you must change your oral hygiene habits and incorporate a routine suggested by the cosmetic dentist in Markham. The dental cleaning procedure proceeds after plaque and tartar removal with polishing using an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste. You may not like the grinding noise, but it is an excellent lesson to brush and floss appropriately and avoid infectious conditions from building up in your mouth. You benefit from the polishing because your teeth look whiter and brighter. After the polishing, you receive a flossing demonstration when the hygienist gets deep between your teeth to locate trouble spots that may bleed. Finally, you receive a rinse to clean your mouth and fluoride treatment to battle against cavities for several months.

The Results of Dental Exams and Cleanings

After completing the exam and cleaning, the dentist will discuss the results of their evaluation. If they detected dental issues in your mouth, the dentist recommends more frequent dental exams. However, if the dentist noticed no problems, the dentist may recommend one treatment every year, asking you to maintain appropriate oral hygiene. Dental exams and cleanings are essential for everyone, including children and seniors, without teeth in their mouths. Seniors receive advice on caring for their oral health, while children receive preventive measures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants to act as a barrier against cavities. Getting treatments for any dental issue after it affects you is expensive and will set you back significantly even if you have dental insurance backing you. Dental exams and cleanings help you save money by preventing the need for costly dental treatments or restorations costing thousands of dollars. Dental exams and cleanings are not just for your oral health but also your overall health because many health complications are initially noticeable in your mouth by your dentist. You can avoid unwanted complications by visiting your dentist twice a year or as recommended and continue saving money that you would otherwise spend on unnecessary medical or dental treatments.
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