Mouthguards Practical Devices to Safeguard Your Teeth and Gums

Mouthguards Practical Devices to Safeguard Your Teeth and Gums

Feb 01, 2021

If you want adequate safeguards for your teeth and gums, you can rely on mouthguards to protect them. You can consider over-the-counter mouthguards but must realize custom-fitted devices offer excellent protection to your teeth than stock mouthguards. If you are affected by bruxism, you will find using a night guard a practical option to protect your teeth.

Mouthguards are dental appliances for covering your teeth. The device protects your tongue, gums, and cheeks from trauma from teeth grinding or sports injuries. Both children and adults may need a mouthguard. A mouthguard is recommended by your healthcare provider for you or your child if you are:

  • Grinding your teeth or affected by bruxism.
  • Involved in contact sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey where the risks of facial effects are high.
  • Noncontact sports or activities where the risks of falling are high like gymnastics, biking, and ice-skating also benefit from wearing mouthguards.

What Are the Various Types of Mouthguards Available?

There are a couple of categories of mouthguards. The first is a variety made to protect teeth from trauma from sporting or other athletic activities, and the second is made for patients with bruxism called teeth grinding guard. These devices serve different purposes and also appear and feel different. You can purchase mouthguards using different methods.

The different types of mouthguards available include:

Stock Mouthguards. These devices are available as one size fits all and come preformed and ready to wear. Stock mouthguards generally don’t work well because they aren’t customized for your mouth. They are bulky, and the poor fit makes breathing difficult. Among the different varieties of mouthguards available, the stock variety offers the least protection.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards. This dental guard is made from a thermoplastic material that can be shaped at home to fit your teeth. You can soften this dental guard by placing it in hot water, and after that, put the appliance in your mouth and press down on it with your fingers onto your front teeth and molars. The process is repeatable until you get the right fit.

Custom Fitted Mouthguards. These appliances offer excellent protection because the dentist in Markham, ON, uses an impression of your teeth to customize the dental device for you. A custom-fitted mouthguard in Markham, ON, undoubtedly costs more because they provide an excellent fit and protection besides being comfortable. The appliance is designed specifically for you for use in athletic competition or as a mouth guard for teeth grinding.

Where Can You Purchase Mouthguards?

The stock variety and the boil and bite appliances are readily available from sports goods stores or drugstores. If you want a customized mouthguard for sleeping, your dentist is the better option for purchasing them because they provide a personalized variety. You can confidently contact 14th Avenue dentistry for the dental appliance because the dental professional must ensure your needs are considered when creating the customized device.

How Do You Benefit by Wearing Mouthguards?

You face numerous challenges if you have to replace or repair missing teeth because it can be costly and expensive. Wearing a mouthguard during athletic activities help to avoid nerve damage to your teeth, chipped or lost teeth, soft tissue damage to the lips, gums, tongue, and insides of your cheeks.

What Is the Life Span of Mouthguards?

The frequency of use of your dental appliance determines the lifespan of the mouthguard. Customized mouthguards last for many years with proper care. However, if you feel your mouthguard needs replacements frequently, you must bring the dental appliance during your regular dental checkups for your dentist to inspect it. The dentist checks for wear and tear and any signs of cracks to confirm whether a replacement is necessary.

Do not expect durability from over-the-counter mouthguards because they need replacements every few months. Children and teenagers also need mouthguard replacements frequently as their teeth and mouth are continuously growing.

Can You Find Mouthguards for Upper and Lower Teeth?

Generally, mouthguards for sporting activities fit on the upper teeth. The upper teeth protrude in the mouth over the bottom teeth putting them at a higher risk of impacts. If you are wearing braces, your dental provider may suggest wearing a mouthguard for the lower teeth.

Mouthguards are available for various purposes and are practical devices to protect your teeth. However, you need to purchase a custom fit mouthguard from your dentist instead of over-the-counter appliances that don’t serve the required purpose appropriately.

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