Advanced Dental Technology in Markham, ON
Advanced Dental Technology in Markham, ON

Dr. Deepal Bhambra and Dr. Nicole Sturgeon’s commitment to their patients are evident in their passion to continue learning and growing as dentists in a fast-paced career environment. Constant evolvements in new dental technology and inventions keep them on their feet, but they are ready for the challenge as they continue to learn and adapt to new practices as long as it benefits their patients. New technology usually equates faster, easier, and more efficient procedures, allowing these dentists to achieve their goal of making their patients feel comfortable at all times.

At our dental clinic in Markham, Ontario, they use start-of-the-art equipment, and the patients of 14th Avenue Dentistry will benefit from high-tech advanced dental technology that include:

  • CEREC – This acronym is short for ceramic restoration. This advanced dental technology is used in the formation of dental prosthetics for procedures such as dental veneers, partial and full crowns. Before, these implants we’re made over the span of a few appointments, using sticky dental molds, and even temporary crowns or dental veneers. With this technology, a picture is taken of the missing section of your tooth, and an impact is then mapped out digitally. This digital image is then used to form an implant, and the CEREC machine does the rest. In just a single hour, you can have this procedure done with no pain, no waiting, and no stress.
  • Digital Impressions – Conventional dental impressions call for biting into a sticky material. With digital impressions, you no longer have to bite into that gummy mold, and can have a fully functional impression of your teeth in no time.
  • Digital X-Rays – Dental x-rays in the past were put on normal photographic film, but at 14th Avenue Dentistry, these dentists use digital x-rays. This kind of x-ray is a serious step up, as everything is done digitally, making it more precise. They can even zoom-in to closely examine your x-rays in a way that just wasn’t possible in previous times.
  • Laser Whitening – The use of a gel bleach and laser is used to produce the fastest and most dramatic results from a tooth whitening procedure out on the market today.

The use of new advanced dental technology is how our dentist near you, show you they care.