Dental Crowns in Markham, ON
Dental Crowns in Markham, ON

A dental crown in Markham, ON, is a very common reason our patients come to visit us. It is a cap that encases the entire surface of the patient’s tooth to restore it to a more natural shape and size. A tooth crown near you, can even be used to protect a tooth structure that can’t be restored with fillings.

Porcelain dental crowns in Markham, ON, are just one of the many options available for crowns, but they are by far the most natural looking and functional. Read more about the procedure and how CEREC Crown is made.

Reasons for Dental Crowns

  • Repair cracked or fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Strengthen decayed teeth
  • Repair fractured fillings
  • Replace large fillings
  • Restore tooth after a root canal

CEREC: Dental Crowns of the Future

At our dental clinic in Markham, Ontario , we use CEREC for custom, same-day treatment. If you’re unfamiliar with this specialized treatment, you’re not alone as this is the latest and greatest in dental crown technology. Conventional methods of implanting tooth crowns near you, would usually span over two or three visits to the dentist, invasive methods of making impressions of your teeth, and would include the placement of temporary crowns. CEREC is short for ceramic reconstruction and promises to do just that. In as little as an hour, a digital image is taken of the space in between your teeth and the advanced technology converts the image into a map of the shape of the implant. That image is then turned into a ceramic version of the implant to be placed in your mouth. It really doesn’t get as easy as that.

You will then be given care and instructions and encouraged to have regular dental visits with our Markham cosmetic dentist to check on your new tooth crowns!

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