Dental Sealants in Markham, ON
Dental Sealants in Markham, ON

Dental sealants near you, is a great option for those that need extra protection from decay for many years but are still in need to be checked for wear and chipping at regular dental appointments. Many are under the impression that dental sealants near you, are only for young children that are waging war against cavities, but that is far from the truth. At our dental clinic in Markham, Ontario, we used a special sealant is thin and applied directly onto the chewing surface of the molars, premolars and any deep grooves of the tooth. The tooth sealants near you, create a smooth and easy to clean surface that keeps bacteria, infection, or decay a thing of the past. Read all information you ever wanted to know about Tooth Sealants in Markham, ON.

Reasons to Consider Dental Sealants

You may want to talk to our dentist in Markham if you fall under any of the three categories below:

  • Children and teenagers – As soon as the first permanent back teeth appear or any time throughout the cavity-prone years of 6-16.
  • Adults – Tooth surfaces that have deep grooves or depressions
  • Baby teeth – Rarely done, but for babies that have deep grooves or depressions.

What Can I Expect When Getting Dental Sealants?

Getting dental sealants in Markham, ON, is one of the easiest and convenient procedures available. The process only takes a few minutes or so per tooth. The teeth to be treated are thoroughly cleaned and dried and surrounded with cotton to keep the area dry. A special solution is applied to the enamel of the teeth to allow for a strong bond between the teeth and the sealant. A special light is then shone on the teeth to cure the tooth sealant in Markham, ON.

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