Dentures in Markham, ON
Dentures in Markham, ON

When some or all the teeth are missing on the upper or lower arch, dentures are the ideal method of replacing the missing teeth. In order to mimic the natural look of teeth, they are made of a variety of materials that blend with the surrounding mouth perfectly. Dentures in Markham, ON, are custom made for each individual patient, so they can be customized to blend with the remaining teeth.

Types of Dentures in Markham, ON

The most common types of dentures are full and partial dentures near you. When at least one healthy tooth remains, a partial denture is used. In addition to completing the smile, partial dentures are helpful in keeping the remaining teeth healthy and in their desired position. Full dentures are used when all the teeth are missing.

Like other dental appliances, dentures can take some time to get used to, but there are methods our dentist in Markham, Ontario, can improve the fit of the dentures to make them more comfortable. Since dentures often use suction to stay in place, the gums can change shape over time which will lead to the denture being adjusted.

Denture services that are often used involve dental implants being used to secure the denture to the mouth. This method helps to keep the gums more protected and also gives the wearer much more confidence since there is a much smaller chance of the dentures detaching.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures near you, may help to bring an aesthetically pleasing quality to the smile, but can also help the patient in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Filling out the cheeks to prevent sagging and looking older
  • Help to eat many foods that a patient could not eat without teeth
  • Stop deterioration of the jaw bone underneath the surface
  • Help prevent remaining teeth from getting cracked or from starting to move around

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