Family Dentistry in Markham, ON
Family Dentistry in Markham, ON

Looking for a family dentistry in Markham, ON, that you can trust is no easy task. When looking for more than one member of the family, you need to find a dentist that is not only compatible with you and your family but truly cares for their well-being. Dr. Nicole Sturgeon and other dentists provides a dental practice in Markham that families can trust and look forward to. We offer dental exams, cleaning, gum treatment, and many other dental procedures for both children and adults alike. At our office, we strive to promote healthy habits and prevent future oral health problems by starting dental care from an early age. When beginning treatment at such a young age, we establish not only a personal relationship and trust but even a trust in dental care providers in general. Your child won’t be scared to come to our office, but will rather look forward to their appointments.

On our website, we have plenty of information on children’s dental care, as well as links that are important and prevalent to the rest of the family. Learning about these topics and procedures before coming to our office can really prepare the whole family for their appointments, releasing any stress or anxiety that may be related to coming to the dentist.

Preventative Care is Important

We at 14th Avenue Dentistry really believe the statement above. We strive our hardest to educate you and your family about our in-office services and the care to be taken at home.

If you have any questions remaining that pertain to family dental care in Markham, ON, do not hesitate to call our office, we hope to hear from you soon! Also, check out some more information you should look in a great Family Dentistry in Markham, ON.

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