Teeth Whitening in Markham, Ontario
Teeth Whitening in Markham, Ontario

The teeth whitening in Markham, ON, is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure across the board. Teeth Whitening is a really great way to achieve a better-looking smile, with minimal effort and non-invasive treatments. There are currently tons of methods to achieve a whiter smile, but the most advanced and start-of-the-art method involves lasers (yes, we know it sounds super futuristic). Read more about the Teeth Whitening in Markham, ON.

Your Choices

With teeth whitening being so cost-effective and non-invasive, it’s no wonder so many opt to have it done. It is always recommended that you talk to your dentist to find out the best option for you in terms of which route to take with this treatment.

Laser Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is exclusively performed in the comfort of a dental office, our Markham, Ontario dental office included. Specialized bleach is applied to each tooth and heat generated by a laser enhanced the effectiveness of the whitening bleach while also producing results at a dramatically fast rate. The high concentration of bleach used in this treatment method calls for various precautions to be taken that include:

  • soft rubber dams to cover gums
  • desensitizing pastes that strengthen and harden enamel
  • application of fluoride

A more notable brand of this laser method to achieve brilliantly white teeth is called Zoom! teeth whitening. This procedure is done with the care and precision that only our Markham cosmetic dentist can provide promises a safe and dramatically whiter smile that you have to see to believe.

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