Signs You Probably Need a Root Canal

Signs You Probably Need a Root Canal

Jan 01, 2019

Are you suffering from persistent toothache? Has the dentist suggested you to go for a root canal procedure? Here’s all you need to know about root canal and how it can save your tooth.

Why is Root Canal Therapy Even Necessary?

When the inner part of tooth becomes infected, a root canal procedure becomes imperative. The tooth is protected by a protective layer of enamel and when the enamel is breached, the bacteria can reach your tooth and lead to decaying. Gradually the bacteria will reach the pulp of the tooth. The root canal therapy aims at removing the infected pulp and restores the tooth.

Signs That Indicate Issue with Your Dental Health:

  • Tooth Sensitivity Experienced by many people as they age and the enamel becomes weak. Some degree of sensitivity is alright but shooting pains need you to see a dentist. You may have a cavity that needs filling.
  • Severe Toothache Tooth sensitivity when ignored leads to severe pain. The pain may be sharp, constant or happen when you bite food or touch the tooth.
  • Swollen Gums The tooth infection can spread to your gums and make them red and swollen. It’s local and not all gums would be infected.
  • Pimple on Your Gum A pimple on the gum near the infected tooth is another sign of tooth infection. It’s caused by buildup of bacteria.
  • Tooth Discoloration If the tooth suddenly changes color and becomes darker, you may need root canal.
  • Why You Needn’t Fear Root Canal Therapy There’s nothing to be afraid of the procedure as it’s less painful than tooth removal and an effective procedure to save your damaged tooth.
  • What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy The dentist will offer additional sedation and it would feel just like getting filling but the procedure would last a little longer. After few days of the procedure, the tooth will settle down and the pain will subside.
  • Restoring the Root Treated The tooth with root canal therapy becomes bristle which is why it’s covered with a crown.

Consultation at 14th Avenue Dentistry

Still not sure whether you need a root canal or not? Visit our dental clinic 14th Avenue dentistry in Markham, ON near you and consult our dentist about root canal in detail.

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