Solutions for Common Invisalign Problems and How to Avoid Them

Solutions for Common Invisalign Problems and How to Avoid Them

Aug 01, 2023

You might be excited when starting treatment to straighten teeth using the exciting Invisalign clear aligners without a trace of metal in your mouth. However, it does not mean your treatment will proceed uninterrupted or without problems.

This blog looks at some of the common issues you will likely encounter, providing easy solutions to deal with every situation. Kindly continue reading for details.

Problems You Can Expect During Invisalign Treatment

Commitment to the Therapy: Invisalign aligners are removable and require removal when eating and cleaning your teeth. However, the time allocated for these everyday tasks is limited to 2 hours, indicating the aligners must remain on your teeth for at least 22 hours daily. If you do not commit to the Invisalign treatment, you will require more time to complete the therapy, and your teeth might revert to their original positions.

Solution: if you have been without the aligners over your teeth for extended periods, you will require another assessment from the dentist in Markham and new aligners to start your treatment from scratch. Therefore keep the aligners on your teeth even when sleeping without considering removing them.

Discoloured Aligners: Discolored aligners are standard if you do not remove the aligners when eating, drinking, smoking, et cetera. Your oral hygiene routine can also discolour the braces by staining them and allowing dental plaque to build up.

Solution: quitting smoking helps when straightening teeth with Invisalign aligners. Removing the aligners is a requirement when eating or drinking anything but water and cleaning your teeth to ensure dental plaque does not accumulate on the aligners.

Misplaced Aligners: Not a cause for concern because the Markham dentist can provide new clear teeth braces. However, it helps to store the aligners in the storage case whenever you remove them.

Solution: if you are close to shifting to a new batch of aligners, you can start early. In addition, you must contact the Markham dentist at the earliest to arrange your new braces.

Aligner Removal Challenges: When switching to new aligners, you might confront challenges removing them. Placing and removing aligners requires practice, which becomes easier with time. Unfortunately, some aligners might be trickier than you think, making you endure difficulties when removing them.

Solution: You should wear your new aligners before getting into a bed, providing time for your teeth to adjust. Removing your aligners becomes easier to get accustomed to the habit faster.

Halitosis: bad breath can occur when undergoing Invisalign treatment if dental hygiene practices are inappropriate. Halitosis results from bacterial buildup in the mouth resulting in dental plaque, tooth loss, and decay.

Solution: Always maintain excellent dental hygiene twice daily and clean the aligners. The dentist can provide tips on accomplishing the task if you encounter challenges.

Discomfort: you will experience toothaches when you start teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign in Markham, ON, for the following reasons.

New Aligner Pain: If you experience toothaches, it results from the tightness of the new aligners. However, it is not a concern. It indicates the aligners are working and moving your teeth to new positions. You can use over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate the discomfort and have soft foods while adjusting.

Friction Pain: Ulcer gel helps make friction pain comfortable if the aligners are rubbing against your cheeks or tongue. You can request the providers to evaluate the aligners for sharp edges irritating without using at-home remedies that might damage the braces.

Speech Challenges: Initially, you will experience challenges when speaking and develop a lisp when you start treatment. Excess saliva enamel can make speaking difficult. However, these problems will not continue and will normalize as you get accustomed to the braces on your teeth.

Excess Saliva: Your mouth will recognize the alien appliance over your teeth when you begin Invisalign treatment and use digestion techniques to break down saliva. However, a brief adjustment and resisting the urge to remove the braces for over two hours daily helps overcome the problem.

When starting treatment to straighten your teeth using the revolutionary Invisalign braces, you benefit from the comfort they offer in contrast to traditional orthodontics. However, you will encounter the above-described challenges, which you can overcome using the solutions mentioned in this blog.

If you have chosen to receive teeth straightening treatment from 14th Avenue Dentistry, you will receive comprehensive instructions on the problems you might encounter during your therapy. Make your Invisalign treatment more comfortable by scheduling a consultation with the practice to have the straighter teeth you desire.

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