What Are the Benefits of CEREC Treatment?

What Are the Benefits of CEREC Treatment?

Nov 05, 2019

CEREC Technology is a godsend and innovative technology that revolutionizes how dental restoration procedures are done. You don not have to worry about constant visits to the dentists and still get to have your teeth strong and healthy again. We understand that dental procedures are often a big investment and thus it is intimidating to opt for a procedure you know little about. Since CEREC is a fairly new technology, here is a detailed guide to help you understand why it is quickly becoming a highly sought-after dental procedure.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is computer supported and manufacturing system aimed at assisting dentists produce and fit dental crowns. It combines a camera, the computer and a milling device, all in single unit that allows dentists create tooth restorations right in their office. Tooth impressions are made quickly and are more precise to give you pleasant results. With CEREC, instead of a dentist taking the impression of your teeth, the sophisticated technology provides a scan of your teeth. The camera captures the scan images and displays them on the computer screen where the restoration crown is designed as you watch. Once the design is ready it is sent to the mill which sculptures the restoration tooth.

Purpose of CEREC Restoration

CEREC helps fix damaged or unsightly teeth. It can be used to rebuild teeth affected by decay, trauma, root canal therapy, infections, malformation and multiple fillings. With CEREC technology you get same day treatment for crowns, bridges, dental veneers and inlays and onlays. Dentists also recommend CEREC for patients that are concerned about the potential side effects of metals that used in traditional dental crowns. Since the treatment uses ceramic, CEREC crowns also tend to be stronger and natural-looking than conventional crowns.

Preparation and Procedure

The highlight of CEREC treatment lies in its simple procedure and the short time it takes to prepare have them fixed. After a consultation with your dentist, your tooth or teeth are cleaned and filed, and then a special 3D camera is used to capture the image of the affected area. The image is then relayed to a computer monitor where your dentist can design a suitable crown fitting. The design process is engaging in that you watch how the whole process unfolds and even give your input on matters size, shape and color of the crown. Once the design is complete and you are satisfied with how it looks, it is sent to the CEREC mill that carves the exact specifications of the tooth from a ceramic block.

Once the milled crown is ready, the dentist will check to see if it fits well, then it will be polished and bonded to you’re the damaged tooth. The entire process takes about 2 hours from preparation to having the CEREC crown bonded.

Benefits of CEREC

  • The crown is curved and fitted in one dental visit. You do not have to worry about interfering with your lifestyle for multiple dental appointments or by wearing temporary prostheses. You will have your teeth restored permanently on the same day.
  • You get an accurate fit since the designing process is done digitally which guarantees precise results. This is unlike in traditional restoration where the impression is taken physically, allowing room for errors.
  • Since the CEREC crowns fit accurately, your tooth is well protected as there are no spaces where bacteria can thrive in between the tooth and crown.
  • When professionally installed, CEREC restorations can last between 10 to 15 years. Proper care and maintenance can make them last even longer.
  • The main material is used is ceramic which provides a natural appearance and feel. And with minor adjustments like changing color and shape, it is impossible to tell you are wearing crowns.
  • You get to save money in the sense that you do not require multiple visits to the dentists. The restoration also lasts longer making it a worthwhile investment.

Talk to our dentists at our Markham, Ontario dentistry clinic to help you determine if CEREC crowns suit you. We make getting crowns a quick and comfortable experience.

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