Why Are Customized Mouthguards by Dentists Recommended for Sports?

Why Are Customized Mouthguards by Dentists Recommended for Sports?

Dec 01, 2022
Are you aware that sports mouthguards on the market are not created equal? The tier of security you need for your teeth and jaws isn’t available from over-the-counter dental appliances claiming to be mouthguards but offering minimal protection. This composition explains how mouth guards prevent dental injuries when playing contact sports or even noncontact sporting activities like gymnastics, ice skating, et cetera. We hope you will spend some time with this article to learn how a sports guard helps prevent sporting dental injuries to ensure you make an informed decision.

Why Do You Need a Sports Mouthguard?

The Canadian Dental Association identifies that approximately one-third of all dental emergencies are related to sports. When spirited players, flying projectiles, and high speeds come together, it might result in disaster for your teeth. A sporting mouthguard protects your teeth from injury, whether involved in a professional sporting activity or enjoying yourself.

Which Sporting Activity Requires Wearing of Mouthguards?

Athletes playing contact sports require mouthguards to prevent knocked out, loose, broken teeth, and other traumatic mouth injuries that might damage teeth and gums. Contact sporting activities include football, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, et cetera. However, the dentist in Markham recommends using a sports mouth guard even for other athletic activities like gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, cycling and basketball.

How Do Mouthguards Function?

Athletic mouthguards are worn over the upper teeth when involved in contact sports. The appliance functions as a protective layer between your teeth and the point of contact. The appliance ensures your teeth don’t get knocked out if tackled on the football field or from impacts on your mouth in the boxing ring. However, the device should be durable, withstand concentrated forces, and resist damage. In addition, the mouthguard shouldn’t inhibit your breathing and the ability to speak comfortably when wearing it.

Different Kinds of Mouthguards

You can choose three different varieties of mouthguards to protect your teeth when involved in sporting activity. They are stock mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards, and customized mouthguards by dentists.
  • Stock Mouthguards: These appliances available over-the-counter are affordable and generic. The devices are created on the theory that “one size fits all” to protect your teeth and jaws. Unfortunately, stock mouthguards are uncomfortable and pose challenges when breathing or speaking. In addition, the devices are bulky and unsuitable for sporting activities. Dentists don’t suggest wearing stock mouthguards because they don’t offer an adequate level of protection your teeth need when involved in contact sports.
  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards: These devices offer slightly better protection than stock mouthguards. Thermoplastic material helps make boil and bite mouthguards that soften in hot water, allowing you to bite into them. You shape the material in your teeth and, if required, can redo the reshaping by boiling the device again. Unfortunately, they aren’t durable or comfortable like a customized dental appliances provided by dentists for athletic activity.
  • Custom Mouth Guards: If you need superior protection than any appliance available over-the-counter, you find none better than a mouth guard in Markham, ON, explicitly customized by the dentist to suit the contours of your mouth. When you schedule your appointment with the Markham dentist for your sports mouthguard, the professional takes impressions of your teeth to ensure the appliance fits correctly and offers maximum comfort. Customized mouthguards from dentists are made from durable materials that provide durability and remain comfortable in your mouth, allowing you to speak and breathe comfortably.

Which Mouthguards Offer Maximum Protection?

If you need maximum protection for your mouth, you must consider getting a customized appliance from the Markham dentist because they are explicitly made to fit your upper teeth. However, it would help if you prepared yourself for some additional expenditure because custom mouthguards are the most expensive besides being the most durable. Custom mouthguards offer superior protection to your teeth and smile, beating generic stock mouthguards and the boil and bite variety by a significant margin. In addition, their durability makes custom mouthguards a worthwhile investment because you don’t need replacements frequently. If you wear braces to correct orthodontic imperfections, your dentist can create a custom mouthguard even for your lower teeth. It indicates that mouthguards customized by dentists can help prevent injury from broken orthodontic wires and brackets. Dentists recommend customized mouthguards for sporting activities because they offer superior protection and don’t make you vulnerable to dental injuries when involved in contact or noncontact sports. However, if you think you need one for yourself or your child, 14th Avenue Dentistry provides excellent dental appliances to protect your mouth. Therefore you help yourself if you arrange a meeting with the practice to have custom mouthguards explicitly created for your teeth.
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