Why Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Popular among People?

Why Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Popular among People?

Apr 01, 2021

Discolored teeth were in people’s mouths forever, but of late, more people are seeking teeth whitening treatments from dentists near them to have whiter and brighter teeth. Your teeth get discolored due to various reasons. The most significant reason for the discoloration is improper oral hygiene, food and lifestyle habits, infections or injuries, and even genetic factors.

If you have a similar problem and are looking for teeth whitening near you, it will be easy to find several dentists offering different types of teeth whitening to improve the appearance of your teeth. Besides the various modern treatments provided by dentists, you will receive suggestions to use natural teeth whitening to eliminate the stains affecting your teeth. However, natural remedies, although beneficial to not deliver immediate results and are likely to disappoint you if you want your teeth whitened for a special occasion.

How to Approach Teeth Whitening Treatments?

If you want to view immediate results from teeth whitening treatments, your best option is to visit dentistry in Markham, ON, for zoom teeth whitening treatments. The 14th Avenue dentistry uses the zoom teeth bleaching ingredient on your teeth along with the zoom chairside lamp to deliver instant results within an hour.

Some dentists are also offering laser teeth whitening, which they claim provides better results quickly. However, teeth whitening in Markham, ON, routinely provides the zoom whitening method to many patients helping them to have whiter and brighter teeth within the hour.

Before you undergo the teeth whitening treatment, the dentist evaluates your teeth to determine whether you have any dental issues affecting you. If any problems are detected, you must have them treated initially before undergoing the whitening treatment. The bleaching ingredient can cause some sensitivity to your teeth. It is why dentists recommend that you have any issues in your mouth treated before trying to change your teeth’ color.

Teeth whitening treatments require about an hour to complete, but the dentist requires more time to accomplish the procedure during your appointment. The additional time is needed for the dentist to give you a dental cleaning ensuring no plaque remains on your teeth during the bleaching process.

If you want to maintain the results of teeth whitening treatments at the dentist’s office, you can request at-home zoom whitening trays with whitening gel available with 14th Avenue dentistry. You receive customized mouth trays for use at home with the gel, helping you maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening longer than you expected.

How Long Do the Results of Teeth Whitening Treatments Last?

The kind of staining affecting your teeth determines how long the results of teeth whitening treatments last. If you have intrinsic stains affecting the dentin of your teeth, you may observe discoloration faster. However, the duration of teeth whitening treatments is between six months to three years, depending on your oral hygiene routine, food, and lifestyle choices.

When receiving the treatment for teeth whitening, dentistry in Markham advises you not to have staining foods and beverages and stay away from tobacco products that can stain your teeth. You must limit consumption of pigmented foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and foods like berries, cranberries, et cetera to ensure your teeth don’t discolor faster than expected.

Do not expect teeth whitening treatments to last you forever because they aren’t permanent. Unless you follow your dentist’s instructions diligently, you will need more in-office teeth whitening procedures that soon become unaffordable for you.

The best option for you to maintain the whiteness of your teeth is to have in hand an excellent oral hygiene routine regimen that you practice every day without exceptions. You can include foods like crunchy fruits and vegetables along with white meat into your diet to help you combat teeth discoloration.

A significant reason for teeth discoloration is plaque buildup on your teeth which you can comfortably remove by brushing and flossing. Do not forget to include six-monthly dental visits for cleanings because dentists can remove undetected plaque from between your teeth and below the gum line. If you have whitened your teeth for any reason, you must ensure you maintain the results as best possible. After going through some expenditure and time to get your teeth whitened, allowing them to discolor will leave you with the same concerns you had before undergoing the procedure.

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