With CEREC Have Your Crowns Made While You Wait

With CEREC Have Your Crowns Made While You Wait

Dec 01, 2019

When you have trouble with your teeth to concerning part of your experience will be making frequent trips to the dentist’s office instead of getting everything you want in a single trip. You can save both, time and also get better results with CEREC by benefiting from advanced technology that allows you to restore your teeth with an inlay, onlay, or a crown.

Want to Understand What CEREC Is?

The abbreviation for the Chairside Economic Restoration Of Esthetic Or Ceramic Reconstruction Is CEREC. This technology benefits from the use of CAD/CAM [computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing] to take impressions speedily and generate an accurately fitting filling to make sure you can leave the dental office much earlier than expected. This is a beneficial advancement for many people with multiple dental problems that have to visit the dentist’s office frequently wasting time and money for their restorations even as they wait for them to be developed.

How CEREC Is Proving Beneficial?

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages offered by CEREC especially when you need a dental crown, inlay or onlay and want to get your teeth restored during a single trip to the dentist’s office. Generally, procedures of these types require at least a couple of trips to the dentist.

During your initial visit, the dentist will clean the tooth to make a mold before placing a temporary restoration onto the tooth. It will be a couple of weeks for the permanent restoration to be developed at which time you can return to the dentist’s office to have the temporary attachment removed for placing the permanent one.

The computer-aided manufacturing and design technology allow you to receive your permanent restoration right at the dentist’s office ensuring you do not have to live for weeks with the temporary placements in your mouth. Additionally, the dental professionals at the clinic will use digital impressions for the filling by making a mold. This offers more comfort and is more precise than traditional impressions which are made from plaster.

Another advantage of a single block of solid ceramic materials is used rather than pressed ceramic and metal. The restorations from CEREC are capable of withstanding moderate chewing and therefore you can rest assured the placements in your mouth will last four years. The lifespan of CEREC restorations exceeds that of similar work completed by using traditional methods. Additionally, the color of the CEREC ceramic is similar to the color of your natural teeth to ensure you will have a virtually unnoticeable restoration.

You may be required to look for a dentist near you that can offer CEREC restorations in a single visit if you intend to save time and money for having a better appearance. Getting your CEREC restorations is similar to visiting the dentist’s office for teeth bonding that you may have undergone in the past. However, this is a better method of improving your smile because clinical evidence suggests that the CEREC system allows you receive highly aesthetic and reliable restorations in a single visit even as it minimizes the costs and discomfort to the patient.

The CEREC system is providing many benefits that are positive to make faster, easier, and less expensive the workflow of prosthetics. The operator-dependent errors are minimized compared to the traditional prosthetic protocol. Furthermore, patients have begun to accept this procedure better than traditional varieties.

Currently, it is common to notice dentists using the CAD/CAM systems in dentistry increasingly over the last decade. This technology has been introduced in dentistry as an accurate and error-free tool for the production of high-quality dental restorations in comparison with the traditional way of manufacturing restorations managing. These days the CAD/CAM systems can be categorized as either laboratory or chairside systems that are capable of providing speedy dental restorations to people without subjecting them to make multiple visits to the dentist’s office. The software and hardware upgrades of the CEREC system since its introduction in 1985 have been evolving and presently the CEREC 3 is allowing dentists the ability to provide immediate feedback on a 3-D model during the planning phase making the technology even more intuitive and user-friendly than before. It is also improved in quality as well as clinical workflows especially for chairside use of systems.

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